How Fast Is Your Drupal Website?

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How secure is it? Are you doing everything you need to do ensure that it is optimized and performing at peak? Come to think of it, everything boils down to performance and security. It is on everybody's checklist and this is where we come in. The question to ask at all times is can your site perform better than it is currently? If you are wondering where you are at, then it's time for an audit. Our team are experts when it comes to a thorough check of what lies beneath the front end of the website and even better at trouble shooting issues if any. Talk to us today.

Why Do You Need A Website Audit?

A lot of factors will impact the performance of your website ranging from technology, choice of platform, design, layout, structure, programming code, performance, security, responsiveness, bugs, errors, deprecated tags, broken links et al, the list goes on. Experts recommend that you conduct regular checks and balances to ensure that you haven’t left anything to chance. Why do an audit? Any of the following could impact the overall site performance - new additions to the site including change in teams, processes, microsites, new features, plugins and modules even the new hitherto unheard of threats to security, after all we are talking about cutting edge technology here. And therefore whatever the reason, we must make sure an audit must be marked on calendar and conducted accordingly. In fact if there is even a whiff that your site, platform or application is not providing the end users the experience it is meant to, then an audit and the required trouble shooting needs to be done on the double.

As always the intention behind a performance audit is to ensure that your website is in tip-top working condition and there will be no nasty surprises in the near future. What do you need to make sure that does not happen. You need an expert team that has decades of experience on a range of websites to anticipate problems, troubleshoot issues and set up processes that prevent issues. Call us if you need help.

Why Do You Need A Website Audit?
Anatomy of a Performance Audit

Anatomy of a Performance Audit

Our services involve a thorough check to identify issues that in any which way impact both performance and security, take action on both resolving and preventing further issues. We aim to future-proof your website, not just by providing immediate resolution but also by providing you with the processes that will help you prevent performance and security issues.

Our audit lab is equipped with various tools and plugins to help us evaluate your site both on the performance and security front including JMeter, New Relic, YSlow, PageSpeed, OWASP Zap, Nikto among others. The resolution checklist includes elements like UX issues, bugs, broken links, code profiling, database/function and front-end performance. Our security testing processes are benchmarked against the industry standard best practices and recommendations.

We cannot stress enough the importance of scheduling performance checks regularly as it impacts the most critical point on your checklist - User experience. We can help you with not just a world-class website performance audit, but also with exceptional trouble-shooting and processes to ensure that everything is in working order. Call us for a free consultation.

Just One Reason Why You Should Call Us

If all you want is the best, highly-skilled, experienced and the most dedicated team out there, look no further. Our team is dedicated to solutions and approaches that ensures that yours is a high traffic, high performing Drupal site. The best thing about experience is that our teams can sense an issue before there is one and they know how to get peak performance out of Drupal on the LAMP stack.

They understand that when delivering a content management website on the web, speed is a key factor and the best sites load faster than the rest, upon user request. To sum it all up, high performance, highly secure, pleasing user experience and higher placement in search engines is what will attract new and returning users to your site. That we will ensure a complete site security audits including, code, custom module, scripts etc goes without saying!

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