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Are You Ready To Decouple Drupal?

The question to ask here is what do you intend to build. From coupled, to progressively decoupled to fully decoupled, there are decisions that needs to be made keeping in mind both editorial and developer needs. Coupled Drupal is ideal for traditional websites especially if you are from the content creator ecosystem, here it makes sense to stay with the Drupal stack to ensure that you are not dependent on front end developers and to ensure that you achieve fast time to market. Not sure what you need to do? Time to get in touch with our experts for a free consultation.

The New Breed of CMS

As we focus more and more on the freedom of design and front-end champions with a vision, it is critical that existing platforms and technologies take a good hard look at what they bring to the table and see when they can and should reinvent. Clients all over the world are now looking at creating immersive digital experiences, mix and match of back-end technologies to achieve their vision.

Our Drupal team are champions in the entire spectrum, from coupled or traditional approach to website to progressively decoupled Drupal to fully decoupled Drupal. We will not just help you find what is the right fit for you, we will also create it for you. All you need to do is tell us your vision and stand back while our teams do their magic.

Here is what is at the topmost in everybody’s mind. From the visionary, to the creator, to the developer to the user. All of us want the same thing. The ultimate in smooth, seamless and wow-making user experience. With Google announcing that mobile-UX and load speed et al will influence your ranking, it is a red alert for all the companies with websites to check if their sites are mobile-friendly, responsive and value-added.

The New Breed of CMS
Details of the Decoupled Deal

Details of the Decoupled Deal

Drupal by design has three approaches, all of it appropriate for certain industries and related ecosystem.  The coupled approach or the traditional approach works for a single site or application which aims at one experience only. If all the requirements are editorial and do not need developer input then coupled is the best approach for you. Next would be the progressively decoupled Drupal - if your requirement is to balance editorial needs like layouts and the developer need to use more JavaScript into the front-end. With this approach, many compromises are possible between both editors and developers and their requirements.

The last approach, the fully decoupled Drupal is what has taken the world by storm in the recent years incorporating the growth of JavaScript and shows no signs of slowing down. What this involves is a complete separation between the content structure and presentation. There will be a certain loss of out-of-the-box CMS functionality but it offers truckloads of freedom and control to the front-end developers and thus its popularity.

What Do We Bring To The Table?

Our job as always is to ensure that your needs are met in the best way possible. That may mean we help you figure what would be the best fit for you in the spectrum - from traditional coupled to the fully decoupled approach. Our Drupal experts are experienced in all the related technologies in the ecosystem and will help you understand what is needed with a few clear questions - what do you want to build, will it be single or multiple experiences, what is the editorial and developer need et al. All you have to do, is pick up the phone and call us or fill this form and we will call you.

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